How to become a Mandated Reporter

The Lagos State Government requires that certain persons report any case of suspected child abuse, molestation or neglect to the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice. These persons are referred to as Mandated Reporters and they include all Lagos State School Administrators, Counsellors, Teachers, Social Welfare officers and any other official of the State Government having any dealings with children.


School personnel play an important role in the lives of children from various homes. You are in a unique position to observe and interact with children from various homes on a daily basis. You see changes in children that may indicate abuse or neglect. Because children often confide in you, you may also get information that indicates a child is being molested and maltreated.

Once you file a report, the child and the family may become eligible to receive a wide variety of services that will improve the family’s ability to care for the child. The family may be provided parenting classes, counselling, and treatment for substance abuse, medical services, anger management education and other services designed to meet the family’s specific needs. The affected child will also get necessary protection and counselling.


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