The Team


Bose A. Ironsi is the founder and Executive Director of women's rights and health project (WRAHP) with over 20 yrs. of experience in human rights, health activism, research, and community development with a special interest in assisting girls and women at the grassroots level with self-empowering counseling information and leadership skills. A trained nurse/midwife from the Lagos university teaching hospital (LUTH 1988) BSc in human Psychology (NAU 2003), PGD in social work (LAUTEC 2009). Bose Ironsi is an alumni of African women leadership institute( AWULI GHANA 2002), Brown international advanced research institute(USA 2012) and Documenting Violence Against women during armed conflict from ISIS WECCE(UGANDA 2004-2005) , Bose has worked with both local and international organizations in various capacities and active member of various development networks.